Custom Layout

Customize the layout of your labels.

Customize Your Layout

When you print a batch of labels you can choose to let the app decide the layout of the labels based on the country they're being shipped to, or you can customize the layout yourself using Liquid code.

The custom layout will only be used if you check the "Use Custom Layout" box.

The options you choose will be saved every time you print a batch of labels and automatically used again the next time you go to print more.

Test Sheets

You can download a test sheet when you are designing your custom layout. The sheet will use the labels you currently have selected to print, along with the other options you have selected.

The addresses used in the test sheet are randomly generated, and not real. They're intended to be used as a general guide as to how the labels may appear.

The borders to the labels will also be visible so you can see how they fit on the label without having to actually print them. Note that some labels may have rounded corners, which don't appear on the test sheet.


Excess whitespace and empty lines will be automatically stripped from the labels. Use "<br>" to force an empty line, and "&nbsp;" to force extra spaces before or after a line.

Liquid Variables

These are the only variables available to use in your custom layout code, and they apply for both shipping and return addresses:

Variable Description
address1 The customer's street address - all addresses have this.
address2 The customer's apartment, suite, or other information.
city The customer's city.
company The company at the address being shipped to.
country The name of the country being shipping to.
country_code The two-letter code for the country being shiped to.
first_name The customer's first name.
last_name The customer's last name.
name The customer's full name.
phone The customer's phone number.
postal_code The customer's zip or postal code.
province The name of the state or province.
province_code The two-letter abbreviation of the state or province.

Additional Information

Detailed documentation on how Liquid works can be found in Shopify's documentation.

The Shopify specific filters are not supported here. For example, you do not have access to your store's products in these templates. Experimentation may be necessary to get your labels to look just right.

Here's a Liquid Fiddle that you can use to experiment with designing labels.

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